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Private Label Skincare / Benefits of Ceramides

Ceramides in skin care have proven anti-aging benefits but are often overlooked. Pravada takes a closer look in to what makes the ceramide a powerhouse ingredient in your private label skin care collection. What are Ceramides? Ceramides are a type of fat that occurs naturally in the top layer of the skin. This acts as


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Pravada U.S. Office Closed Memorial Day 2018

Happy Memorial Day! Pravada Private Label U.S. Hours In observance of Memorial Day, the Pravada Private Label U.S. office will be closed Monday, May 28th. Pravada's office location in Canada will be open Monday with normal business hours. For any order requests or inquiries, our Canada office associates would be happy to assist you. The


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Skincare Private Label & Plant Stem Cells

Skincare Private Label & Plant Stem Cells Pravada's new skincare private label is excited to bring your private label collection the incredible, anti-aging benefits of plant stem cells! Pravada has harnessed the rejuvenating powers of fruit and daisy flower stem cells in our new Stem-A Hyaluronic Acid Serum,  Stem C-20 Serum, and best- selling BioCell Wrinkle


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Private Label Cosmetics Ingredient Must-Have

Private Label Cosmetics Ingredient Must-Have The private label cosmetics ingredient must-have is...Retinol. We’ve all heard how absolutely necessary this in our skin care routines and private label cosmetic collections. But, many of us are not sure how to use them in a way that works best for our clients and customers. Pravada’s skin care expertise


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