Message Regarding COVID-19

At Pravada, the health and wellbeing of our customers, employees, and partners are of the utmost importance. Our facilities in the USA and Canada are Good Manufacturing Practices compliant and strictly follow FDA and Health Canada guidelines.  We follow strict quality guidelines for production, packaging and shipment of cosmetic products. During the current situation with [...]

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March Ingredient Spotlight: Irish Moss

It’s St. Patrick’s Day and we are celebrating the luck of the Irish…Moss, that is!  According to Pinterest, Irish Moss, also known as Sea Moss, is trending and its pinning popularity is up 380%!  Irish Moss is a trend worth keeping as its benefits to the skin are note-worthy and numerous.  And as a skin [...]

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Enzyme Activation! Private Label this Popular Peel.

The use of enzymes in the skincare industry has become mainstream and the catalogue of these powerful proteins is ever expanding. These natural catalysts from nature promise a brighter complexion and deeper product penetration through increased exfoliation. But what exactly is an enzyme and how does it help the skin? Enzymes are proteins that help [...]

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Pravada’s in-house team of Graphic Designers are ready to help create custom designs for all your private label packaging and marketing materials. The success of your private label skin care collection lies not only in the formulation, but how it is presented to the world. Our experienced team collaborates with you to set your collection [...]

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Introducing: New Toner Collection!

We are pleased to introduce a variety of new toners and mists for all skin types - perfect for your line of Private Label skin care! Toners have SO many amazing benefits for all skin types. A key component to any skin care routine that many busy women started to skip over!  Today toners are, [...]

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Private Label Skincare 101: What is It and How Does it Work?

What is private label skincare? The concept of private label skincare involves selling high quality products to customers in a way that is cost-effective for your business and true to your vision. It allows you to forgo working with suppliers of name brand products in favor of creating your own customized skincare products, thereby increasing [...]

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