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Pravada’s mission is to assist fine spas, salons and retailers in offering high quality private label lines of natural and organic skincare and hair care products to enhance their operation by leveraging their most important asset – their brand.

Leveraging your brand through a collection of specialized private label skincare products makes sense, especially when those products can be developed in a way that not only enhances your reputation, but also your bottom line.

We offer quality private label skincare products at low minimums – at prices that offer you customer loyalty, healthy margins and strong returns.

  • Benefits of Pravada Private Label Skin Care & Hair Care

  • Higher profits – our high-quality natural and organic based skin and hair care products are offered at costs comparable to or lower than leading brands, but you set the price… no more MSRP!
  • Brand equity – sales of your own private label skin and hair care products not only builds your prestige in the mind of your customers, but also in the market.   Building sales of your own products can increase the overall value of your business.
  • Increased sales – engaging your staff in the development of your private label products will lead to increased product sales.
  • Client retention – what is better than having your clients carry your brand to their homes?

It’s simple – consider us your in-house product development team – without the overhead!

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