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Pravada private label skin care can finally make your dreams of seeing your own brand, on your own products, a reality. Our private label skin care products are the perfect solution for luxury spas and retailers of all sizes looking for a simplified method to develop and introduce their own line of natural, custom skin care.

By offering low minimums on a wide range of naturally derived and organic based skin care formulations which can be customized with natural essential oils and fragrances, quality packaging, and beautiful labels, your own line of custom cosmetics or spa products is within your reach.


Made with natural ingredients

Our natural skin care line, with over 80 products, is made with naturally derived and organic ingredients, never tested on animals.

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It’s easy to get started

Our product experts are trained to take the mystery out of private label and will guide you through the process.

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Our product catalogue provides in-depth information on our entire product lines and services.

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We love our skin care and know you will too! Sample sizes are available for each of our products and can be quickly ordered online.

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From the blog:

Retinol… Your Must-Have Private Label Ingredient

Pravada Breaks Down This Popular Anti-Aging Ingredient

Retinol… We’ve all heard how absolutely necessary this in our skin care routines and private label collections. But, many of us are not sure how to use them in a way that works best for our clients and customers. Pravada’s skin care expertise breaks down what makes Retinol a spotlight ingredient and how to use it for best results.


What is Retinol?

Retinol is also known as Vitamin A, an effective ingredient with the ability to resurface and smooth skin’s texture. It promotes cell turnover, improving the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, even skin tone, and refine the large pores. Not only does it offer anti-aging benefits, but can also be helpful for blemish-prone skin. The exfoliating benefits help remove the dead skin cells that clog pores to reveal a clearer, smoother complexion.


How to Get the Best Results

Pravada offers several products containing retinol, including our best-selling Advanced Retinol Moisturizer 1% , the Advanced Retinol Moisturizer 2.5%, the Advanced Smoothing Retinol Serum 1%, and the Advanced Retinol Serum 2.5%The benefit of having two strengths available in our product line is that you are able to target your clients’ specific and diverse skin care needs. With all skin types, it is important to use hydrating skin care and daily SPF alongside retinol products for skin that is moisturized and protected.

Experience the range of benefits retinol has to offer your private label skin care collection.

Visit our Products page and order samples today. Interested in learning more? Contact our expert sales team to get more information on ordering product and our private label services.

Advanced Smoothing Retinol Serum 1% and Advanced Retinol Moisturizer 1%

Best Suited for:

  • Dry Skin
  • Sensitive Skin
  • Oily/Blemish- Prone Skin

Solutions for:

  • Dryness
  • Dullness and uneven skin tone
  • Uneven skin texture


Advanced Retinol Serum 2.5% and Advanced Retinol Moisturizer 2.5%

Best Suited for:

  • Mature, Aging Skin
  • Normal to Dry Skin
  • Oily Skin

Solutions for:

  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Dullness and uneven skin tone
  • Loss of firmness and elasticity
  • Uneven skin texture



May 2nd, 2018|

Get Glowing for Summer

Spring and Summer’s highly anticipated arrival has many wondering, when was the last time they had a little color and a healthy glow?

By now, we all understand the health risks associated with spending too much time in the sun, or worse, in tanning beds. So how do you achieve a confidence-boosting bronze without the burn?

Enter Pravada Private Label Skincare’s best-selling Sunless Tanning Lotion. No more unnatural orange color, telltale streaking, or patchiness. Our Sunless Tanning Lotion is a  luxurious formula packed with Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Aloe, and Vitamin E. The active ingredient, DHA (Dihydroxyacitone) is derived from sugar. When applied, the DHA reacts with the surface of the skin to temporarily darken it. This “sweet” ingredient is FDA and Health Canada approved and safe for regular use.

Pravada’s Sunless Tanning Lotion is the perfect addition to your private label skincare line, especially now with the warmer weather months quickly approaching.  We are happy to provide you with a few tips for your customers on how to best achieve that back-from-the-beach glow without any harmful side effects of UV ray tanning-

  • Always prep for sunless tanning by taking a few minutes in the shower to gently cleanse and exfoliate from head to toe, especially around the knees and elbows. Smooth skin helps ensure that your application comes out even!
  •  Before applying the sunless tanning lotion, apply a small amount of body butter to the tops of the feet, around the ankles, knees, elbows, and fingernails. This prevents excess sunless tanning lotion to be absorbed and creating an uneven tan.
  • Apply the sunless tanning lotion in light, circular motions. Go section by section to be sure you don’t miss any spots.
  • Remember to wash hands very thoroughly after your application. Use a small amount of sunless tanning lotion on a makeup sponge and apply sparingly to the back of the hands.
  • Wait a few minutes for the lotion to absorb well before dressing, and a couple hours before bathing or swimming to allow your sunless tan time to develop.

To find our more about Pravada’s Sunless Tanning Lotion or any other of our natural and organic private label skincare formulations, please click here or call (230) 260- 9826.  One of our product specialists will be happy to help you!

April 20th, 2018|

Easter Holiday Hours

Pravada offices will be closed Friday, March 30th and through the Easter holiday weekend. We will reopen on Monday, April 2nd at 9 am.

Sample and product orders placed during this time will be processed on Monday.

From the entire Pravada team, we hope you have a great weekend!

March 29th, 2018|

New Showroom Open in Toronto

The Pravada team is excited to announce the opening of the showroom in our new Toronto facility.

Set up your complimentary consultation appointment in either location, Naples, Fl or Toronto, CA- today to begin the process of building your business with Pravada Private Label Skin Care. Allow our expert Sales team to direct you in the first steps of creating your private label skin care collection that’s unique to your client’s needs, your budget, and most importantly, YOUR BRAND.

Product and fragrance samples are available for testing in person, as well as packaging options to help bring your ideas to reality. Our team is ready to help guide you through this process and make launching the collection you’ve been imagining easier than ever.

Call today! 905-412-3302 ext. 101 for Toronto, CA or 239-260-9826 and press 1 for Sales Naples, Fl.

February 14th, 2018|